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iDialPlan SMSi
Getting an SMSi Service Provider
  1. Choose a provider for SMS over Internet if you have none. SMSi is also called SMSoIP or webSMS. Or take Voipbuster as a good start since they allow starting  with low budgets like €1,50  by just calling their top-up-budget local phone number (after registration, see 3)
  2. Look if the provider supports "SMS over HTML" (get). If not,  choose another provider. The 2 preset sample providers work that way. Texting SMS by logon&send is not supported but might be in future. For example O2 and Vodafone use that method.
  3. Register and activate an account with your chosen provider to get a user name and password. Put some budget on the account if they don't support a free trial service.
  4. Download the preferred version of iDialPlan SMSi. The free version is available from the Palm® App Catalog. Beta versions are available on Precentral. The Gold version will be available in Sep. likely on the same catalog.
Setup & First Usage
  1. Prepare templates from the provider- supplied HTML Get command. Basically get the info and insert @username, @password etc at the right places within the HTML get command. Split it in 2 parts at the ? sign. The included sample provider templates might be a good sample. 
  2. Fill out the Active SMSi SP info section. Leave the other fields in that section as is. Start with the 2-nd provider, if that does not work, try the first one's template. (Default will always reset everything to start all over.)
  3. Fill out the user section (user name, password etc.). Most of that information is used to replace the @pars of step 1.
  4. Send your first SMSi by tapping on Contacts, typing the message en tapping send. 
  5. Try out a preset text by tapping preset key 3. This preset can be used to check whether translations of special symbols need adjustment. The translation chosen, is the key difference between the 2 sample preset providers. See help of the ttranslation field.
No free lunch...
The first sample preset SMSi provider seems slower in processing a txt message (up to 45 seconds), but seems to support reliable and fast delivery.
The 2-nd one is faster in accepting the message, but when the using the inexpensive 'basic' quality of service, might take a day to deliver.
We are interested in hearing your experience and we may be able to help to prepare templates for your provider.
iDialPlan SMSi
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