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Setup of iDialPlan SMSi
to be iintegrated with the Std. Pre Dialer
  1. Download the preferred version of iDialPlan SMSi. The free version is available from the PalmŪ App Catalog. Beta versions are available on Precentral. The Gold version will be available in Oct. likely on the same catalog.
  2. Tap the Dialplan button after starting iDialPlan, to setup a dial plan (once).
  3. Fill out section 1 "Info about abroad"  with information about the country to visit.
      - Start with the country number and check or update the remaining fields.
      - If this plan is used in one's homeland, set homeland information in this section too.
      - If in doubt what to enter in a field, tap the yellow field label for help.
  4. Fill out section 2 "Home Country Info"  with information about one's homeland (again). If 'abroad equals homeland' iDialPlan assumes one is home.
  5. Activate the dial plan by toggling the top right switch. The active dial plan changes.
First Usage & Integration
  1. Rreturn to the stand alone dialer of iDialPlan by back gesture, tap the screen if it seems not to go back.
  2. Once, to test your setup: tap contacts and choose a contact to dial. Tap the number to dial  'Adjusted #' displays the number that would be dialed. Leave iDialPlan SMSi.
  3. Download and install the patch as described on and from Precentral 
  4. Start using the Pre standard dialer. Numbers will be adjusted and on the fly. Contacts remain as they are, no modifications there. 
  5. (optional). Tap and Hold the Dialplan button within iDialPlan. It will turn yellow. The next time iDialPlan is started, it will automatically go to the active dial plan.
If installing patches is not wished, have a look at  the stand-alone dialer 
iDialPlan SMSi
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