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for iDialPlan SMSi
  1. A dial plan for iDialPlan SMSI. Dial plans tell a phone dialer what rules to apply when dialing. Rules can be simple and rigorous such as precede every 10-digit number with a one. Plan rules can also be flexible and support complex cases such as conditional pre and post fixing and adjusting numbers for VOIP or Calling Card usage.
  2.  iDialPlan supports both a wizard based dial plan setup and a PhRE based setup (Phone Regular Expression). Both are flexible and run 'on the fly'.
  3. The wizard setup. This setup suffices in most cases and is based on 'tell me your home and abroad characteristics'. See Setup
  4. PhRE based setup. In some situations the wizard may not suffice. PhRE is an optimized language for phone number adjustments that can cope with almost every situation at the expense of complexity: learning the language. See the help file in the Pre for more information.
  5. Activate the dialplan is required in both setup methods by toggling the top right switch of the dialplan scene.
First Usage
  1. Rreturn to the stand alone dialer by back gesture, tap the screen if it seems not to go back.
  2. Tap contacts. The pre contact list will appear.
  3. Choose a contact.
  4. Tap the number to dial. Either go to 5 or hit dial in the Pre dialer (when auto go is set/active, see step 5.)
  5. Tap Call & dial that number through the Pre dialer. Or tap and hold Call to set auto call mode.
This stand-alone dialer is perhaps best for try out and incidental usage.
There is also an integration extension
for the Pre standard dialer.
See the  iDialPlan patch.
Don't use the stand alone dialer in that case.
iDialPlan SMSi
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